Principal Business Advisor & Founder
Tricia Ong
After a decade of senior management experience in the mining and resources sector, Tricia founded Mintrix Business Advisory with a mission to help business owners tackle challenges and strive for growth.
Armed with a strong understanding of business operations across a broad spectrum of industries, Tricia also holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Master’s in Business Administration. This combination of knowledge and experience allows Tricia to provide specialised support, balancing management and operational matters to benefit each client.
Tricia possesses strong drive, determination and passion with a positive attitude and commitment to long term business success. She provides tailored, actionable solutions  to achieve sustainable business growth. Tricia’s consistent approach to problem solving with a strong commitment to delivering strategic outcomes helps business owners accomplish both personal and professional goals and lean in to their full potential. 
Business Advisor 
Nick Viol

After a successful career in management, sales, retail and digital marketing, Nick made the switch to helping small business owners reach their full potential as a business advisor with Mintrix Business Advisory. It is here that Nick has made his mark, whilst finding a passion for supporting and empowering small to medium business owners to achieve success through reaching their personal and business goals.

Understanding the resilience required to tackle the day-to-day trials of running a business, Nick is passionate about providing business owners the confidence, knowledge and tools they need to make their business the best it can be.

With a positive outlook and unyielding determination, Nick ensures that his clients have everything they need to form sustainable long-term success. By aiding in both the professional and personal challenges his clients face in their business, Nick works to ensure that success can be reached while maintaining a healthy relationship between the owner and their business.

By applying proven systems and methods, tailored to his client’s unique individual needs, Nick seeks to assist his clients in turning challenges into exciting opportunities.