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We’re all about expertise, approachability, and reliability. We want our clients to feel confident in our knowledge and experience, while also feeling comfortable discussing their challenges and concerns with us. We strive to be reliable partners to our clients, always following through on our commitments and delivering results.
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With smaller margins for error, it’s essential that small businesses put the right foot forward every time. With results-driven, hands-on business strategies and solutions, we give you a solid action plan for your success. We help our clients get the results they want – now make sure your business is next.

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Helped an e-commerce business scale 228% in 18 months
Improve efficiency by as much as 0 %
Helped a trade client to implement deposits for all jobs
Helped an architect to improve cash flow through implementing more stage payments
In 18 months
Scaling business by 0 %
Implemented systems and processes with a manufacturing client to reduce wastage and improve efficiencies
More cash flow every month
0 X
Case Study
Exponential growth for this e-commerce pet product business

By to understand their business, providing hands on advice and support alongside actionable tools, our flexible on-premises and on-demand advisory service positioned Laila and Me for targeted, smart, and achievable growth.

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