The Advantages of Flexible Workspaces for Small Businesses

In today’s dynamic business environment, small businesses are continuously looking for ways to innovate and grow while managing costs. This is where coworking spaces, like those offered by companies such as Waterman Workspaces, come into play, offering a unique blend of flexibility, community, and affordability.

At Mintrix Business Advisory, we’ve found a perfect partner in Waterman Workspaces, aligning our business goals with their extensive offerings. Waterman’s commitment to supporting business success, community prosperity, and overall wellness resonates deeply with our own business philosophy. Here’s a closer look at how we utilise their facilities and ethos to boost our business operations and client engagements.

1. Convenient Locations for Client Meetings:

Waterman Workspaces’ multiple locations across Melbourne, including prestigious sites like Richmond, Bundoora, Eastland Shopping Centre, the Caribbean Business Park and Chadstone, provide us with a significant advantage. We can offer our clients high-class meeting rooms in convenient locations, ensuring a professional and impressive setting for our consultations.

2. Optimal Spaces for Day-to-Day Business:

Between appointments, our team efficiently conducts day-to-day business operations thanks to Waterman’s flexible workspaces. Their well-equipped centres offer us the resources we need to be productive and responsive, irrespective of where we are in the city.

3. Networking and Community Engagement:

The co-working spaces and regular events like breakfast meet-ups, coffee catch-ups, and after-work drinks are a goldmine for networking. Through these, we not only connect with potential clients but also build valuable relationships within the Waterman community, enhancing our business visibility and growth prospects.

4. Aligning with Waterman’s Vision:

Waterman’s ethos — to influence business success and contribute to community prosperity — aligns with our values at Mintrix. We are inspired by their entrepreneurial spirit and their commitment to integrity, teamwork, and excellence. This alignment strengthens our resolve to not only grow our business but also contribute positively to the community.

5. Leveraging Waterman’s Expansive Network:

With over 1,000 businesses and 2,500 members across their seven centres, Waterman provides us with a vast network of professionals and businesses. This network is a resource we tap into for collaborations, insights, and business opportunities.

6. Embracing Shared Values for Community Impact:

We share Waterman’s values of love, integrity, generosity, teamwork, excellence, and fun. This shared ethos is evident in our business interactions and contributes to a more fulfilling work environment. Additionally, Waterman’s partnership with One Heart Foundation echoes our belief in the power of business for societal good.

7. A Vision for the Future:

Like Waterman, we dream of a future where businesses thrive and communities prosper. We are excited about their expansion plans, aiming to have a centre within a 20-minute drive for most Victorians. This expansion will enable us to extend our reach and continue delivering excellent services to a broader client base.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Waterman Workspaces has been instrumental in Mintrix Business Advisory’s growth and success. We leverage their world-class facilities, extensive network, and community-focused ethos to provide exceptional services to our clients and contribute positively to the business community. As we move forward, we are excited to grow alongside Waterman, continually finding new ways to innovate, connect, and prosper.

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